So this is a blog.

Normally I adore NoScript, but every time I set up a new website I have to find like six different sites to allow. So annoying.

But anyway: this is Flufftastic, my little corner of the interwebs to mostly jot down notes about what I am doing in my copious free time (between work and school). I am adding this to my things to do for myself because writing is a more active thing than I usually do. Most of what I do falls into two categories: reading and playing video games. The addition of writing about them encourages me to think about them in a more analytical way than I usually indulge in.

Recent game type obsessions:

WoW (well…. not recent, but ongoing and I plan to yap about it, so meh if you don’t like it).

Pokemon Soul Silver (the walker is the best minigame ever.)

Recent books I have read:

Changes, by Jim Butcher (after reading this book, my conclusion is that the author is an evil evil man)

Silver Borne, by Patricia Briggs (….wait, really, you end the whole book without a big huge fight for once?)

Oath of Fealty, by Elizabeth Moon (Heyyy, I liked those Paksenarrion books way back in the day. *opens book, reads a few pages* Now who are all these people again?)