Dear Authors and Would-Be-Authors:
While a lack of common sense is occasionally required to drive a plot, please at least attempt to provide your protagonist with enough of this quality to stay off the railroad tracks when the train is a-comin’. (Problems, rendered in metaphor: too much foreshadowing, not enough reason to be on those tracks)

Dear Authors and Would-Be-Authors:While a lack of common


On Google and Trust

So today I read a post on Gizmodo here about how Google is doing “evil.” It’s not a bad point, though: We expect Facebook to cyber-stalk us wherever we go and hand us ads that interest us. Google is following suit because they view Face-thing as its (entrenched) competitor in the contest for user attention.

The problem is that Google is a poor imitator and its attempts to coerce its users into its social network have not exactly been met with applause. You can feel the betrayal emanating from the tech journalistic set because they trusted Google to behave according to their moral standards which were not explicitly defined. Google is the biggest ad network in the Internet and even if they didn’t feel threatened by Facebook and driven to imitate them, the point of search is acquisitive in nature at best.

The world isn’t ending, no, but a stupid mistake can haunt you for far longer than you’d expect if it embeds itself in your own search history. I think part of the betrayal was that Google used to semi-anonymize its searching (here, take a look at what other people are searching for) whereas today, you are given the impression that you have a personal search history. If that exists, someone else can find it, and embarrassing and otherwise private/troublesome things appear and loom over you in uncomfortable fashions.

Anonymity exists for a reason. Google tries to provide some of it, and they understand the necessity for it, but people tend not to be careful about computers in the correct way. I stuffed my life into a computer long ago and I know what to do (I’m writing this on a desktop with Do Not Track and NoScript running, thanks) but this knowledge is not nearly as common as it should be. I talk to people every day at my work (a copy shop) who say “I’m not good with these technology things” and that’s not just ignorance, that’s fear.  When fear is involved, it doesn’t matter how easy something is, logical problem solving goes out the window and suddenly you have no idea what happened but your credit card is full and your savings is empty.

That’s the damage Google is currently doing to itself by forcing its social functions into its search (the people around us do not always make good decisions) and limiting its privacy settings. It’s inducing fear in its users and driving them away. So there, my two cents on the subject.

New Boring Stuff

My brother has a job. YAY.

I am going to PAX with him, clearly this is a celebratory-in-advance maneuver.

Other than that, calculus is easy until I look away for a moment and bam the board is covered with math I DON’T UNDERSTAND eeeee.

Yeah, that’s about it.

So this is a blog.

Normally I adore NoScript, but every time I set up a new website I have to find like six different sites to allow. So annoying.

But anyway: this is Flufftastic, my little corner of the interwebs to mostly jot down notes about what I am doing in my copious free time (between work and school). I am adding this to my things to do for myself because writing is a more active thing than I usually do. Most of what I do falls into two categories: reading and playing video games. The addition of writing about them encourages me to think about them in a more analytical way than I usually indulge in.

Recent game type obsessions:

WoW (well…. not recent, but ongoing and I plan to yap about it, so meh if you don’t like it).

Pokemon Soul Silver (the walker is the best minigame ever.)

Recent books I have read:

Changes, by Jim Butcher (after reading this book, my conclusion is that the author is an evil evil man)

Silver Borne, by Patricia Briggs (….wait, really, you end the whole book without a big huge fight for once?)

Oath of Fealty, by Elizabeth Moon (Heyyy, I liked those Paksenarrion books way back in the day. *opens book, reads a few pages* Now who are all these people again?)