Kindle Samples!

Wherein I set my cynicism to vaguely constructive use:

(book name/author omitted): Character names: Kyrie Eleison, Dies Irae, Benedictus, Gloriana, Agnus Dei.

All I see is [latin placeholder from church songs] for a name and the main plot of this book is supposed to be were-dragons and the whole revenge for being hunted to extinction… thing. Literary conceit or bad idea, I didn’t care.


Stephen King’s Dark Tower Book 1: The entire sample is just King talking about the series and his life while he was writing it. There is no actual text from the story involved although the clues of “western gunslinger fantasy” put me in mind of this. Amazon, take note: It wasn’t enough to get me to buy the book/series because I don’t actually read Stephen King and the prose style of his introduction turned me off.